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LanSchool Air Makes it Easy To

  • Eliminate the most common digital distractions
  • Monitor student progress
  • Increase classroom focus
  • Maximize the benefits of technology with face-to-face instruction

I love it already!
I can work with a group of kids while I keep track of the rest of the class.

3rd Grade Teacher Dr. Charles E. Murphy Elementary School

I like how streamlined the setup is for LanSchool Air with the Google Classroom integration. Not having to install any software was also a major plus!

Travis True Curriculum Technology Coordinator Topeka Public Schools

Lanschool Air allows teachers to see how quickly their students finish assignments. If one student finishes a task in 10 minutes, while others are still working, the teacher can see this and have the flexibility to assign that student their next task so they're not off doing something they're not supposed to be doing.

Chris Parker Technology Coordinator Gateway Regional School System

If a student veers off, LanSchool Air can easily help refocus their attention without distracting the entire class. That time can add up in a class of 25 students.

Nicholas Savoie Director of Technology Montville Public Schools

Key Features


Redirect student focus, assist students with questions or send a message to the entire class.

Push Website

Save time and promote e-safety by instantly launching the same webpage on every device.

Thumbnail Monitoring

Monitor real-time progress to identify when students are off-task or need additional guidance.

Limit Web

Keep students safe and focused by limiting browsing to approved websites.

Blank Screen

Quickly grab students' attention by blanking screens and locking down keyboards & mice.

Google Classroom Integration

Courses and students are automatically synced from the moment you login.

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