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Google Classroom Integration

Setup has never been so simple! Google Classroom integration allows your courses and students to sync from the moment you log in. LanSchool Air automatically checks for changes to your class rosters so your class lists are always up-to-date.

Thumbnail and full screen Monitoring

Monitoring makes it easy to see what individuals are working on and identify when a student may be in need of additional assistance or encouragement to get back on task.

Limit Web

Keeps students safe and on task by limiting web browsing to approved websites through whitelisting, blocking unwanted websites via blacklisting, or disabling browsing when administering tests.

Blank Screen

When technology isn’t the right tool for facilitating learning, you can blank every student’s screen and display a custom message with the click of a button. It will also lock their keyboard and mouse.

Push Website

Instantly launch the same webpage on every device in the classroom, eliminating the need to retype, correct or walk around to help students navigate to the correct URL.


Send a message to the entire class, receive questions from students or chat with learners one-on-one. Messaging makes it easy to provide encouragement, give guidance or redirect focus without drawing attention to the student and distracting the class.

Raise Hand

Ask students to confidentially raise their hand when they have completed a quiz or exercise, have a question, or are ready for you to check their work.


Whether to showcase great work or share activities during parent-teacher conferences, screen snapshots make it easy to for everyone to be on the same page.

Battery Status

The ability to track battery charge on student devices prevents the disruption of device shutdowns during assessments or other class activities.